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Jun 19, 2011

How to delete someone's Facebook account permanently

Here is a method to delete any facebook profile or account. It works 100%. But its just for educational purpose. So don't use it on anyone. Once Deleted Profile can never be recovered. Use wisely.


1. Victim's profile link ( you can get it easily )
2. His/Her Email which he/she uses to sign in
3. His/Her birth date which he/she has used in the profile
4. Make an Email ID on gmail or yahoo with the first name and last name same as on victim's facebook profile.


1. Go to this page:

2. Enter details. In the place of ' email address where you can be contacted ' enter the fake email u created.

3. you will get a mail on that ID in which facebook people will ask your problem. Reply to them that you are XYZ( victim's name ) and you cant access your facebook account. Also you have lost access to your Email Address associated with the account. You dont know what to do now. The hacker is coming online regularly and using your account. If the victim is a girl also write ' I am a girl and it poses threat to my social life ' and write anything you want that could make them take action. ( no need though in 100 % cases they delete the account )

4. After 2-3 days youu will get a reply. They will again ask you that you have access to your associated Email or not? Reply them that you still don't have access to it. And repeat what all you wrote in first mail.

5. Next Day or Same Day you will get an Email that your account is disabled.


Bryan Lam said...

it says error not found?

burhan aslam said...

same ERROR

hamid raza said...

i have better trick
1/ make 12 fake fb acounts
2/ open victem acount from each face acount and report >fake acount>gamer>facebook review
3/ wait for 10 or 15 minuts then you will notify that vitem acount is deleted

Anoj Gupta said...

Hi all,pls help me it is very very urgent...i have created my facebook account and now i have forgotten my email id password n the fb password,pls gude me how i can access fb...i need to delete that no one can see me profile n pics..pls help +918800155136

Reagan halistate said...

Hey please teach me how to cause I have now 12 accounts

Reagan halistate said...

Just report it

Reagan halistate said...

Just report it

Reagan halistate said...

Hey please teach me how to cause I have now 12 accounts

Ch Waqar said...

Tell Me any Person Problum In facebook !!! I Will help you Dears
Joion mee my facebook Group ...Ths Link is=

Azam sayed said...

I'm getting problem to log in .......they are showing me We've detected suspicious account activity

Lakshmi Lakshmi said...

i have 3 fb accounts but i forgot my fb password and gmail id but i want to delete my fb account permanently pls help me guys its really urgent guys ....... i beg u plss help me !!

Unknown said...

Plese help of peoples repored my offcial acount and now i cant log in they ask a NIC/PASSPORT/BIRTH sertificate with my photo...but i have not any of these...plese help me to get m acount back

iskylar said...

hello friends, are you also searching that how can you delete you frinds facebook account just for fun, so here i have the best and easy method to do this all you have to do just click on this link